Hualong bamboo charcoal anti-formaldehyde multi-effect wall paint

Professional  Hualong Aloe anti-microbial anti-formaldehyd full effect bamboo charcoal wall paintChina Top 10 piant manufactureChina famous trademarkOEM &ODM welcomeInstruction:Anti-formaldehyde bamboo charcoal total effect wall paint is specially added with natural active bamboo charcoal factors on the basis of to

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Professional  Hualong Aloe anti-microbial anti-formaldehyd full effect bamboo charcoal wall paint
China Top 10 piant manufacture
China famous trademark
OEM &ODM welcome

Anti-formaldehyde bamboo charcoal total effect wall paint is specially added with natural active bamboo charcoal factors on the basis of total effect function to capture and purify free formaldehyde, benzene and various harmful substances in the air comprehensively in combination with total effect aldehyde removing technology so that indoor air is fresh and natural. There is no addition of benzene, formaldehyde and other volatile compounds.

1Add the natural bamboo,Adsorb aldehyde
2Degrade aldehyde &  harmful substance
3Aloe anti-microbial, permanent freshness
4Smooth paint film,  alkali-resistant &mildew proof

Widely used for coating of indoor surface of bricks, stones and concrete of villas, apartments, guesthouses, hotels and hospitals, etc.

Main component:
Lead free pigment, acrylic copolymer, water and additive.

Color: white,  can be matching color.
Gloss:  matte

Technical parameters:
1.Theoretical coated area: 10-13 square meters/kg/coat (dry film 30um) .

2.The paint consumption amount is different as the roughness of actual construction surface difference.

Surface treatment:
1. New walls--remove dirt, grease and unconsolidated plaster on the surface. Make repair for any hole and crack if there is any to ensure clean, dry and flat walls.
2. Repainted walls--remove the incompact paint layer on old walls, eliminate powdery substance on the surface, flatten, grind and dry completely.

Construction methods:

1.Tools: paintbrushes, rollers, spraying; airless spraying is better.
2.Dilution: use a proper amount of clear water to dilute according to different difficulties and temperature of construction.
3.Please mix evenly and sufficiently before use.
4. Construction is made above 5ºC; and the interval for repainting is at least 2 hours. 
5. Ensure that the water content of surfaces to be painted is less than 10% with PH <10.
6. Don't carry out construction when the temperature is below 5ºC or the relative humidity is higher than 85%. 
7. Coatings system: one coat of O+ omnipotent total effect alkali-resistant primer, two to three costs of Hualon Anti-formaldehyde bamboo charcoal total effect wall paint;
8. Washing: please use clear water to wash the tools after use.

Maintenance time of paint film:
7 days/above 25ºC; extend properly at low temperature (not lower than 5ºC).

Storage condition:
The paint can must be covered tightly and put at a place out of reach of children. It should be stored at a cool and dry place with temperature at 5-40ºC.

1.Wear proper gauze mask when polishing walls.
2. Ensure good ventilation environment during the process of use and drying.
3. Don't inhale paint fog at the time of spraying.
4.When spraying is conducted under condition with insufficient ventilation, proper ventilating equipment should be equipped. All ventilating equipment must comply with approved standards.
5. If it splashes into eyes due to carelessness, please use plenty of clear water to wash completely.
6. If on the skin, wipe it off first; then wash with clear water with soap or proper cleaning agents.
7. Special attention should be paid at transportation, and can cover should be kept upwards.
8. When the paint is overturned and leaks, use sand or earth to cover and sweep.
9.Be sure not to pour the paint into sewage or drain-pipes.
10.Disposal of waste should meet certain environmental protection standard.

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