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2022-08-20 11:33:56 By : Mr. Peter Lee

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Microsoft is slowly turning its Edge browser into the ultimate Xbox Cloud Gaming tool. The latest Edge browser release (version 103) includes an exclusive Clarity Boost feature that intelligently improves game quality. Also, new improvements to Efficiency Mode help you make the most of your games.

The new Clarity Boost feature uses “spatial upscaling enhancement” to make games clearer and sharper. It relies on client-side scaling technology, meaning that these enhancements happen inside of your browser instead of the cloud.

Offering Clarity Boost makes sense, as Xbox Cloud Gaming still doesn’t support 4K streaming. Still, it’d be nice to see this feature outside of the Edge browser—although that would require adding technology to other companies’ browsers, as Clarity Boost is a client-side process.

You can activate Clarity Boost by clicking the three dots on the top left corner of a game.

Last year, Microsoft Edge gained an Efficiency Mode, which the browser’s resource load to improve battery life. And a new setting in Efficiency Mode lets you use the feature for cloud gaming. All you need to do is enable “improve your PC gaming experience with Efficiency Mode.”

This feature improves cloud gaming stability by automatically enabling Efficiency Mode for games. And notably, it disables itself when you leave a game. There’s no need to jump back and forth through settings.

Microsoft Edge version 103 is now available on all devices. Your browser should update automatically—if not, you’ll need to push a manual update.

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