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August 9, 2022 |  By Evan Williams

Forget Trail Rated suspension parts — Jeep Performance Parts just launched trail-ready windshield wipers. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Muddy Windshields No More: These Jeep Wiper Blades Have Built-In Jets | GearJunkie

Jeep says you can say goodbye to muddy windshields. At least until you hit the next mud bog or puddle. It’s thanks to a new Jeep Performance Parts offering that gives you high-performance windshield wipers.

Yes, the idea of high-performance windshield wipers sounds laughable to us, too, but Jeep has a point here. These aren’t your usual boring wipers — they have washer jets built in.

Like most cars and trucks, the Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler shoot washer fluid from a pair of squirters mounted to the hood. Trigger the washers and they blast a mist of fluid all over the windshield. And anyone standing beside you or behind you. If you’ve got the roof removed, probably all over everyone in your Jeep, too.

Even if the fluid ends up on your glass, it’s not the best solution. Because your wipers are moving before the fluid flows, smearing mud and grime all over your glass while you wait for the washer fluid to show up and get to work.

There is a better way, though it’s usually reserved for luxury cars. Mercedes-Benz has a similar setup on some of its models called Magic Vision Control. So, even the Germans think the idea is a nifty one.

The magic part is a channel that lets the washer fluid flow up the washer arm and into the blade. Then, through 12 holes Jeep Performance Parts laser cut into the blade assembly, the washer fluid is sprayed directly onto the windshield.

Fluid instantly covers the entire path of the wiper blades, flooding the dirty glass. Jeep says it stops what it calls “blind seconds,” the time you spend looking at washer fluid and/or smeared mud instead of the road ahead. It cleans the glass much more quickly, too, and Jeep says it’ll clean it on the first stroke.

If you disable the standard spray nozzles, the system uses less washer fluid, too. Maybe not an issue if you’re in Arizona, but that’s a big deal in the salt belt where a gallon of washer fluid might not last you a week in the winter.

“Our new, innovative JPP performance wiper blades quickly restore visibility while tackling the toughest trails by keeping the washer fluid where it belongs — on the glass,” said Mopar senior VP Mark Bosanac.

Jeep shows the new wipers working on some muddy glass, and the first-swipe cleaning performance is impressive.

The Jeep Performance Parts wiper kit is on sale now in the U.S. and Canada for 2018 and newer Wrangler and Gladiator models. The kit comes with wiper arms, wiper blades, and the tubing you’ll need for installation. Plus one set of replacement wiper blades. The kit is $140 for American buyers and $189 up north.

They’ll do a great job of keeping your Mopar Gorilla Glass impact-resistant windshield clear. They probably won’t do much for the other 500 Mopar and Jeep Performance accessories, though.

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Muddy Windshields No More: These Jeep Wiper Blades Have Built-In Jets | GearJunkie

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